Returning back in 2019

Shanghai, China


Tumor Models Shanghai is the only industry-focused preclinical oncology meeting in Asia, where we will be uniting the thought-leaders and decision-makers in pharma and biotech to explore the most recent developments in the field.

As we see more and more oncology products failing in the clinic there needs to be a revolution in the way we conduct our preclinical and translational research. Tumor Models Shanghai is the platform that will bring together experts from Pharma and Biotech from across Asia to discuss the vital challenges currently facing the industry.

By joining us you will get access to insight into the in vivo models that are driving research forward. Including, information on the newest in vivo models, deep dives into the prediction and overcoming of resistance mechanisms, the optimisation of model and target selection rationale; and more.

We’ll be exploring how preclinical models can be can be applied to maximise predictability and translatability, to drive development and mobilise pipelines. Through talks, case-studies and open-discussions we’ll take a deep dive into the novel and traditional means of conducting preclinical research. More interactive workshops will offer practical insights that can be applied the moment you return to your office or lab.

This is a unique opportunity to hear from speakers that are leading the way in improving the quality of preclinical and translational research, including:

   Innovent Biologics who will be sharing how they overcame a novel resistance mechanism

   Crown Bioscience, will be sharing the latest updates their MuPrime Platform for Immuno-Oncology discovery

   Hear the way that EpimAb has leveraged information from throughout their preclinical phase to better inform their clinical trial decisions

   Gain an understanding of the innovative new Humanized Mouse platforms are that the The Jackson Laboratory have developed

   As well as others from Abxign, Zai Labs, ASLAN Pharma, Oncologie International, Elpiscience, Duke-NUS

The Tumor Models Series

For the past 6 years, the Tumor Models series has been equipping the pharmaceutical and biotech industries with insights that have driven more therapies through to clinical success. In that time, we have brought together preclinical oncology leaders to be part of the conversation in Boston, San Francisco and London. In each location, we have delivered a forum for a focused and open discussion surrounding the key issues that the industry is facing. Following that success, we deliver to you the Tumor Models Shanghai summit.